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* Accuracy of constructing a casing and/or carrier installation depends on many factors. Utility owners and project  

  designers should understand all factors applicable to a bore/tunnel before specifying an installation method. 

For use in grade-specific applications such as gravity sewer main installations. 

This systems uses an optically guided pilot tube, installed to grade before the casing is installed.

The casing follows the pilot tube using the conventional jack & bore method of installation. 

This system enhances the accuracy of cased jack & bores, providing proper placement of carrier pipe*

Pilot Tube Micro Tunnel

A conventional and time-tested method of installing a casing beneath an obstacle.

This method requires a jacking pit where the jack and bore rig is assembled to a pre-determined line and grade. 

As the bore progresses, new additions of casing are added to the bore path until the proper length of casing is installed.

Croft Construction has performed this service since the company began in 1955. 

Our equipment allows us to install casings up to 72" in diameter. 

Crossings present a unique set of challenges which can be successfully overcome by the proper method of installation. When designing a project, consider the function of your end product and the obstacle(s) you must overcome. 

​From there, you can determine the best method of installation. 

​Jack & Bore

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