Jackings, Pull-Backs, Slip-Lining & Bursting 

Designed for a multitude of applications, Jacking, Pull-Backs, & Bursting are used to install or replace existing lines. 

A Jackingrequires a series of rods (from 1.5" to 5" diameter) to be pushed along a predetermined path under the object being crossed. Jacking can be used to replace an existing line by following the jacking rods with the new carrier. Carrier pipe material is a determining factor when electing this method. 

A Pull-Back is the second part of a jacking whereby the jacking rods are pulled back with the new carrier pipe attached to the end of the jacking rod head. 

​Slip-Liningallows for the installation of new product pipe inside an existing host pipe. The new conduit or carrier pipe is pulled through the existing opening. When complete, the old pipe remains in place and the new pipe is used for service. Grout or pea gravel can be installed to fill the annular space between the old and new pipe.

Burstingcan be performed by pushing or pulling a reaming head through an existing pipe segment, which is followed by the new carrier. This method replaces or up-sizes the existing pipe diameter. 


Residential & Commercial Services

Croft Construction works for residential customers, too! 

Wells and septic systems can be costly to maintain and are expensive to replace. That is why many homeowners choose to connect to public water and sewer if it is available.

Services include:

- Sewer Lateral Connection/Installation

- Sewer Lateral Repair

- Water Service Repair

- Water Service Connections/Installation

- Trenchless installation of underground utilities (water,  

  sewer, electric, gas, communications)

- Valve Excavation / Repairs

- Hydrant Replacements

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