Line stops are designed to temporarily stop flow for a designated length of pipe. 

Our company can readily provide this service for contractors 

We provide a full line of wet-tapping, valve-insertion, and line-stop services. Our taps, cuts, and other services range from 3/4" - 16". The line remains in service, saving you and the public down-time and wasted resources. 

A valve insertion is performed to permanently install a valve where one does not already exist. 

This method is used often on mains that have a long run between valves. 

We can quote and provide this service at your request. 

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Wet taps allow for continued use of a main while tying in under pressure.

A tapping sleeve and valve are installed prior to the tapping operation. 

When the operation is complete, a new pipe segment can be run off the existing line. 

In stock cutting equipment is capable of cutting 3/4" to 12" taps into any material of any size, including HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). 


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